CICs and other social enterprises

Why we can't usually serve them - and who can

While community interest companies (CICs) and other social enterprises exist to further a social purpose, they are – in structure – limited companies with necessary commercial focus. Directors of CICs can be paid and draw dividends, and they can pay shareholders. So there is potential within a CIC for private benefit.  

Because Birmingham Community Matters (BCM) is a charity we must direct our resources towards groups that are solely for public benefit. These rules are set out by the Charity Commission.

Don’t go away, though! Read on to find out who can help you with your CIC, and how we can still support each other. 

Specialist support for social entrepreneurs

For the best possible support for your CIC or social enterprise:

Check out the School for Social Entrepreneurs. The ‘Have I Got Social Enterprise News For You’ email newsletter is brilliant. 

Explore iSE, which is based here in Birmingham, providing start-up and development opportunities for social enterprises, community organisations and not-for-profits. 

Let's keep in touch

CICs and other social enterprises do important work that benefits people and communities, generates income, creates and sustains jobs, and reinvests profits into further important work. We do love you and, while we can’t usually serve your CIC directly, we can still work together. Birmingham is a big, vibrant, diverse, exciting city and life is better here when we we share our knowledge and connections. Sign up to our newsletter and talk to us on social media – we’d love to know what you’re doing and share your news and opportunities across the city. 

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