Template constitution for a voluntary group

From: BCM

What is a constitution for a voluntary group?

If you have decided that your community group wants to set up as an ‘unincorporated association’, you will need a set of rules to agree and adopt. This is called a ‘constitution’.

A constitution can be short and simple, as long as it sets out certain information on what your group will do and how you will run your group.

How do we write a constitution for our community group?

Birmingham Community Matters (BCM) has created this simple template constitution for you to download and edit using Word.

We have included notes to explain each section. You can delete these notes when your group is ready to meet and ‘adopt’ the constitution.

A constitution does not need to be registered anywhere. If you are seeking grant funding, though, funders will want to see it.

Can we have more help?

BCM is here to help your small Birmingham-based community/voluntary group to understand what a constitution does, and how to complete and adopt it. If you wish to talk through anything, please do get in touch.

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