Northfield Neighbourhood Network Scheme

Promoting wellbeing in Northfield

Neighbourhood Network Schemes (NNS) in Birmingham work to strengthen communities and help older adults in our city to lead happy, healthy lives.  They do this in lots of ways. 

One way is by giving support and small grants to local community groups, recognising their vital role in bringing people together. 

Birmingham Community Matters (BCM) is delighted to be working with Northfield NNS to give a helping hand to groups and small social enterprises in the area who provide support and activities to:

  • People aged over 50

  • People aged 18-49 with additional needs.

Northfield NNS Community Lunch in April 2023: a big room of people of all ages, facing each other on chairs and talking
Northfield NNS' Community Lunch at Allens Croft Community Centre in April 2023

What do we do?

BCM is a small charity which helps people to start, run and grow small community and voluntary groups in Birmingham. Our peer learning network brings you together with people who have lots of experience, so you can overcome challenges and share ideas – to make your group even more successful. 

We’re working with Northfield NNS to boost small community groups aimed at people over 50 in the Northfield constituency. And people under 50 with additional needs.

We can offer your group online and face-to-face sessions to work through your questions and ideas and make your group run even more effectively. Together we can come up with simple next steps to take.

Northfield Neighbourhood Network Scheme: Strengthening and Connecting Communities

For Northfield groups

Topics we can explore with you include:

  • Getting started – choosing a suitable structure for your group, bringing people together
  • Developing and growing – recruiting volunteers, promoting your group, establishing policies and procedures
  • Funding applications – identifying the ‘needs’ for funding, costing projects, making strong applications
  • Running your group – managing finances, monitoring and evaluating your work.


You’ll find our upcoming events on Eventbrite. If nothing suits, you may like to book a one-to-one session with BCM.

Resources for Perry Barr groups​

You may also like to visit our ‘Get support’ page and browse a wider range of resources.

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