Become a BCM helper

Micro-volunteering opportunities with Birmingham Community Matters

The people who come to BCM sessions don’t need you to know all the answers, they need someone to talk the problems through with and someone with a bit of experience of where to look for good answers” Emma Woolf, chair of BCM trustees. 

Give back by sharing your knowledge

If you’re experienced in the community/voluntary sector, we’d love you to share your knowledge face to face with people who are newer to it. 

This can be online, in person, or a mixture of the two – depending on how you feel. It will always be at a time that suits you. 

There are no set qualifications for becoming a BCM helper – but you must be experienced in running a small community group, volunteering, or working within the charity or public sectors.

You must have excellent listening skills. You will need to actively listen to each person seeking help from BCM, explore their challenges with them, and work together to decide on simple next steps. You won’t have all the answers, and that’s more than OK.

Helping with BCM allows you to . . .

  • Make stronger ties in your Birmingham community
  • ‘Give something back’ without making a big time commitment
  • Forge new friendships
  • Get satisfaction from helping others 
  • Be involved with a growing charity.
Becoming a BCM helper is a great personal development opportunity. As our motto goes: Everyone has something to learn and everyone has something to teach. We always find ourselves learning from the people and groups we support. 

How to apply

If you’d like to apply to be a BCM helper, please introduce yourself by email via  with the subject line BCM helper.  We will ask you to complete a short application form which details your experience, any areas of specialism, and when and where you would like to volunteer. Then, if suitable, we can arrange for you to shadow one of our current BCM helpers at an event. 

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