Learn about: involving volunteers in your small group

Who is this event for?

For those running a small voluntary group in Birmingham and would like help in recruiting and supporting volunteers.

About this event

Come and chat with us if you are running a small voluntary group in Birmingham and would like some help on how to recruit and support volunteers.

It is taking place at Holford Drive Community Sports Hub Ltd on Wednesday 13 March 2024 from 10.30am to 12.30pm. 

At this event we will share information about how to reach volunteers and ways of keeping you and your volunteers happy and supported. We will spend time looking at how to develop a volunteer role profile and also think about the policies and procedures you will need.

During this session we will help you to:

  • Think about the places to find volunteers for your group.
  • Start to define volunteer roles for your group.
  • Understand the policies and insurance you will need and how to get them in place.
  • Learn about the process to follow with recruiting a volunteer.
  • Consider ways to organise and gather feedback from volunteers.

You will find this event useful:

  • If you are in need of volunteers to support your group but not sure where to start.
  • If you want to hold on to your volunteers and make sure you get the best out of volunteers.
  • If you want to make sure that your group has the right policies and procedures in place for hosting volunteers

You will get maximum benefit from the event:

  • If you bring question and be ready to share your experiences with others

How to Register:

If you are interested in attending this event please email us at pbnns@birminghamcommunitymatters.org.uk .

Sorry – no CICs or other social enterprises

We can’t take registrations from people setting up or running CICs and other social enterprises. Here’s why – and where you can get the right support. 

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